Issues of the Journal

The UNSW Law Journal currently publishes Issues that contain both a General component open to submissions on any topic with relevance to Australian or international law, and a Thematic component focused on an area of contemporary significance.

The Journal publishes four Issues annually.

In 2017, the Journal's Thematic topics are as follows:

  • Issue 40(1) on modern professonal practice and its future.
  • Issue 40(2) on the individual judge.
  • Issue 40(3) on business and human rights.
  • Issue 40(4) on cyberspace and the law.

For more information about the Journal's Issues, please see our Past Issues and Submissions pages.

UNSWLJ Student Series

In order to promote student research, the Journal manages a publication in the Australasian Legal Scholarship Library, hosted by AustLII, for research papers prepared by LLB or JD law students at UNSW. Lecturers and Supervisors recommend outstanding student papers for publication at the end of each semester. You can access the Student Series here