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Call for Submissions to the University of New South Wales Law Journal Issue 42(3)

29 Sep 2018

2019 Thematic: ‘Conceptions of Ownership’

The UNSW Law Journal is currently welcoming submissions for Issue 42(3). The Issue will be solely thematic, with articles directed to the theme ‘Conceptions of Ownership’.

Given the historical and cultural backdrop of a wide variety of conceptions of ownership that are largely unacknowledged in modern western common law, and the potential implications for changes in ownership meanings and behaviours that the exigencies of the sharing economy foreshadow, this thematic seeks to address itself to the wide array of past, present and potential future meanings of ownership.

The submission deadline for the thematic Issue 42(3) is 1 March 2019. Publication of Issue 42(3) is set for late September 2019. Articles must be between 7000 and 13 000 words in length (excluding footnotes). The style guide for the Journal is the current edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, as supplemented by the latest edition of the Journal’s ‘Additions’.

If you are interested in, or have any queries about, submitting for Issue 42(3), please contact the Journal at