Angelina Yurlova

Angelina Yurlova is a sixth year Arts/Law student, majoring in Philosophy. She is a recipient of the Academic Achievement Award (AAA) and was on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dean’s List in 2013.

Her first executive role in the UNSW Law Society was the 2014 International Careers Publications Director. In 2015, Angelina joined the Court of Conscience, UNSW Law Society’s chief social justice publication, as an editor. In 2016, she was appointed as the Court of Conscience Editor-in-Chief.

Angelina is passionate about intellectual property, bioethics and health law, particularly women’s reproductive health and bodily autonomy. Before Angelina began working in commercial law, she worked at an art and craft store. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, swimming, yoga and Russian literature. Angelina is excited to be jetting off to Amsterdam for exchange in semester 2!