The University of New South Wales Law Journal (‘Journal’) recognises the role that academic institutions like ours play in perpetuating historical inequities in academia and the legal profession. To address this, the Journal is committed to supporting diversity within our organisation and legal academia more broadly.

Diversity within the Journal’s Editorial Board and Executive Committee promotes the robust exchange of ideas, and, by extension, critical thought. It also fosters equitable access to learning opportunities. The Journal urges students of all backgrounds and identities to apply to join our Editorial Board and Executive Committee.

Our approach to supporting diversity in legal academia is twofold, with a focus on both authorship and substance of the scholarship. The Journal encourages submissions from authors of all backgrounds, identities, career stages and levels of educational attainment. We welcome submissions informed by lived experience. As a generalist law journal, it is also important that we pursue diversity and equity in scholarship, in terms of both subject matter and theoretical approach.