Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the UNSW Law Journal comprises up to 40 of the top students enrolled in the LLB or JD programs at the UNSW Faculty of Law. Collectively, this group is responsible for the management and operation of the Journal. In addition, the Dean of UNSW Law and two Faculty Advisors are appointed to advise the Board in carrying out its functions.

Primary responsibility for the publications lies with the Executive Committee, elected by and from the Editorial Board. Comprising the Executive Editor, four Issue Editors and a Digital Editor, the Executive Committee manages the strategic, financial and administrative affairs of the Journal, together with coordinating the selection, review and editing of articles submitted for publication.

Current Members

Executive Committee
Lachlan Peake – Executive Editor
Rose Vassel – Editor, Issue 41(1)
Amelia Loughland – Editor, Issue 41(2)
Veronica Sebesfi – Editor, Issue 41(3)
Isabel Chong – Editor, Issue 41(4)
Christopher Chiam  – Forum Editor
Se Eun Lee – Digital Editor

General Members

Representatives from the Faculty of Law

The Editorial Board is assisted in carrying out its functions through the invaluable advice and support of the UNSW Faculty of Law, in particular:

Professor George WilliamsDean, Faculty of Law
Professor Rosalind DixonFaculty Advisor
Professor Gary EdmondFaculty Advisor

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The UNSW Law Journal is managed by an Executive Committee, chosen each year from the Editorial Board of the Journal through a competitive election process.

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