Georgia Pick

Georgia is in her 4th year of Economics/Law, majoring in Econometrics and was on the 2015 Dean’s List for the UNSW Business School. Ever since Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Georgia has been convinced of the significance and urgency of climate change in affecting food and water security, health, the economy and political stability. She therefore has a keen interest in environmental law and policy and hopes to use her degrees to help transition Australia to a renewable energy economy. When not ranting about climate policy, Georgia can be found working as a casual academic at UNSW tutoring first year economics. She hopes to share her passion for economics and how it can be used to effect social change with younger students. Georgia is passionate about social justice and has enjoyed volunteering at the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program and the Redfern Legal Centre. In her spare time, Georgia enjoys reading historical fiction and eating her mum’s Greek food.