Isabel Chong

Isabel is in her fifth year of study towards a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws. This is her third year on the Journal.

Isabel balances her studies with work as a paralegal in the financial regulation team of a commercial law firm. She has previously worked as a junior clerk at Ninth Floor Selborne Chambers and as a barista and waitress of a small café, where she washed innumerable dishes and burnt innumerable coffee beans.

Isabel is passionate about community service. She has enjoyed volunteering at the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre and with Oxfam UNSW. As a Student Legal Education presenter, she taught legal modules to high school students. She currently works as a UNSW Law Peer Tutor.

Isabel has recently returned from exchange at the University of Edinburgh and often dreams of camping and undertaking further road trips along the rugged Scottish highlands. She spends her spare time unwinding on coastal walks and trying (but failing) to teach her dog basic tricks.