Julian Vertoudakis

Julian is in his fourth year of an Economics/Law degree, majoring in the imaginatively titled ‘Economics’. His inspiration for joining the Law Journal was a strong belief in the paramount importance of integrity for publications providing a space for academic discourse surrounding the law.

At university, he is usually busy debating or mooting, having been a finalist at the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships and the Allens Linklaters Senior Mooting Competition, and a participant at the World University Debating Championships and the Justice Gummow Cup. He can also be seen volunteering for various causes such as the Law Faculty’s SLEG program, which aims to disseminate legal information to secondary students, and Arc’s Shack Tutoring program, which provides academic assistance to disadvantaged high school students.

When not at uni, he can be found working as a paralegal in a boutique financial services law firm or coaching and adjudicating debating for various organisations.

Julian is an avid skier and regularly dreams of hitting the slopes in exotic locations around the globe (though as a student he is sadly confined to areas closer to home).