The Journal is one of Australia’s leading peer reviewed legal journals, and is produced by a voluntary student board. The Journal publishes four Issues annually and is the flagship publication of the UNSW Law School. It is accompanied by the Forum, a peer-reviewed online publication designed for short-form pieces.

Since 2018, three of the four issues published annually by the Journal are General Issues, made up of articles on a broad range of topics. One is a Thematic Issue, which focusses and brings together a range of perspectives on a single subject. Upcoming deadlines are as follows:

  • Thematic Submissions: The Journal is now accepting submissions for the 2020 Thematic Issue, which will be directed to the theme ‘Revitalising Legal Authorities’. Legal authorities are indisputably significant as the conceptual bases upon which well-reasoned legal deliberations are made and justified. To revitalise legal authorities is to introduce new vigour into the capabilities of the law for future practice. Considering legal authorities in all their forms, the Journal seeks to elicit contributions which not only consider important, more commonly discussed modes of legal revitalisation such as statutory enactment and precedent-making in the courts, but also those which address unconventional recommendations for pursuing the betterment of future legal authorities. The submission deadline is 21 February 2020, with publication of Issue 43(3) set for late September 2020. Please see below for Thematic Issue Guidelines.

The editors will consider articles on any topic for General Issues or the Forum on a rolling basis. Submissions may be made at any time. Submissions accepted for publication in the Journal are advance published on our website once typeset, ahead of their appearance in print.

Submission Guidelines

The Journal encourages the submission of a range of works on any current legal topic, by academics, legal professionals and students from Australia and abroad. We seek to publish contributions that provide new insights across all areas of law and which will be of interest to a generalist Australian legal audience.

Electronic Submission
All submissions must be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document. We recommend that submissions follow the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, Fourth Edition (‘AGLC’) as supplemented by the UNSW Law Journal Additions to the AGLC. Although compliance with the AGLC is not a consideration in selecting articles for publication, authors will be required to ensure their submission conforms to these rules if it is accepted for publication.

Article Length Limitations & Originality
The word range for articles submitted to the Journal is 7000 to 13 000 words in length (excluding footnotes), though this is subject to the Editor’s discretion. Works submitted for consideration must be original contributions that have not been published previously, and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles included on online repositories such as SSRN and institutional archives should be taken down prior to submission, to preserve anonymity for the peer review process.

General and Thematic Issues
Submissions will only be considered for a General Issue if they demonstrate a sufficient connection with Australian or international law. The Journal does not accept submissions that focus on foreign domestic law unless they offer a comparative analysis or other substantial linkage with Australian or international law. Please note that the Thematic Issues may not be subject to this restriction. Authors should consult the relevant call for contributions for guidance on a thematic.

The Forum Submission Guidelines
The Forum accepts a variety of submission types, including short essays, case comments, legislation comments, article responses, book reviews, and audio-visual recordings. Written submissions to the Forum must be less than 5000 words, and audio-visual recordings should be under 30 minutes in length.

The Forum is not a blog and will be subject to the same rigorous editing process as articles published in our print publication. Submissions will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers if appropriate, and pieces accepted for publication will be hosted on the Journal’s website, as well as being available on all the major databases that currently host articles published in the UNSW Law Journal.

As with all submissions to the Journal, the Forum does not publish articles that have been, or will be, published elsewhere, either in identical or substantially similar form. If articles are posted on online repositories, such as SSRN, they should be removed at the time of submission to ensure the anonymity of the peer review process. We recommend that all Forum submissions follow the latest edition of the AGLC, as supplemented by the UNSW Law Journal Additions to the AGLC.

To submit an article for an upcoming issue or to the Forum, please use our online submission form: