Veronica Sebesfi

Veronica Sebesfi is in her fourth year of an undergraduate Advanced Science/Law degree at UNSW. She is a recipient of the Science Achiever Award scholarship.

Veronica has been very involved in several competitions within the university, making it to the grand finals of internal competitions for client interviewing (2015), negotiations (2018, which her team won) and mooting (2016–17). She has represented UNSW at several national mooting competitions including the 2017 ALSA IHL Moot, which she won with fellow Boardster Christopher Chiam. The team represented Australia at the international rounds of the moot in Hong Kong and were the runners-up. Within UNSW’s Law Society, she co-coordinated the Ashurst Beginners Mooting Competition and served as a Mooting Training Director. She also co-convened the 2017 and 2018 Allen & Overy Private Law Moots.

Veronica works as a legal administration assistant at the Council of Law Reporting for NSW and as a tutor. She also volunteers at a community legal centre and co-leads a Bible study group at her church. What spare time she has left is spent teaching herself the ukulele. This is her third year on the Journal.