Drew Gillespie

Drew Gillespie is in his fourth year of an Arts/Law degree, majoring in philosophy. He joined the Editorial Board in 2019.

Drew currently works as a paralegal in commercial law, and previously worked as an instrument and academic tutor. Since starting at UNSW, Drew has worked in editorial positions for the UNSW Law Society’s Court of Conscience. He has also volunteered as an intern for UNSW Student Development’s Live Chat Service, presenter for the Student Legal Education Group and mentor for LawPlus 2020.

Having wanted to live in New York since he was 10, Drew’s first dream career involved directing movies and/or producing music among other bicoastal entertainment figures. While no longer looking to break into the entertainment industry, Drew enjoys DJing and tearing up the dancefloor in his spare time. Drew currently works at a commercial law firm and aspires to one day work in Manhattan as a commercial lawyer, ideally with the opportunity to take on pro bono and civil rights cases.