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Response: Querying the Gender Dynamics of Interruptions at Australian Oral Argument


Amelia Loughland and Rosalind Dixon

Amelia Loughland and Professor Rosalind Dixon continue the discussion about the differential treatment of women and their male colleagues, even in the highest judicial institution. The authors explore the limitations of Loughland’s original study ‘Female Judges, Interrupted: A Study of Interruption Behaviour during Oral Argument at the High Court of Australia’, and respond to Tonja Jacobi, Zoë Robinson and Patrick Leslie’s UNSW Law Journal Forum publication ‘Querying the Gender Dynamics of Interruptions at Australian Oral Argument’. Loughland and Dixon examine the possibility of new insights provided by Jacobi, Robinson and Leslie’s research, such as whether judicial personality, multiple female judges or male Chief Justices on the High Court influence the rate of interruptions of female justices.

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