Marie Kambouroglou

Marie Kambouroglou is in her fourth year of an undergraduate Commerce/Law Degree, majoring in Human Resource Management. She joined the Editorial Board in 2020.

As she thoroughly enjoys learning, she has pursued acquiring knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, including: social justice, international relations, private law, alternative investments and politics. In pursuing these areas and more, she has held executive positions in the UNSW Alternative Investments Society for a number of years, undertaken internships with social justice organisations such as Justice Action and the Australian Human Rights Institute, provided assistance to legal counsel in a multi-billion dollar acquisition, and attended the Harvard World Model United Nations conference in 2019, held in Madrid.

Having wanted to practise law since the age of 11, Marie has been dedicated to pursuing law as a means of achieving social change and therefore hopes to be able to achieve this through a career as a socially conscious barrister and then judge/justice. In her spare time, she enjoys reading widely, cooking/baking and patting any domesticated animal that comes within a 3km radius of her.